Available July 10, 2009


Signed copies available  ~  email chris@calleart.com

New “Celebrate Apollo” and “Celebrate Apollo 11” Framed Sets

A limited edition of 1,969 frames each produced by Winco

A limited edition of 1,969 frames each, Winco considers these Apollo editions to be the finest they have produced in their 22 years of framing.

"Celebrate Apollo" and "Celebrate Apollo 11" each includes a unique, limited edition medallion only available within these two framed editions. Although different than the "Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallion" described earlier, these frame medallions also contain rare Apollo Command Module metal that was flown to the Moon.

•"Celebrate Apollo" (14x20.5") also includes a signed and numbered limited edition print, "The Great Moment" by artist Paul Calle, as well as all 12 Apollo mission emblem pins arranged such that they orbit a photograph of the moon.

•"Celebrate Apollo 11" (13x16") also includes first day covers featuring the "First Man on the Moon" U.S. stamp designed by Paul Calle as well as Apollo 11-related pins.

Both frames include brushed silver-finish story plates in the shape of an Apollo Command Module. Each frame's limited edition number is engraved on the module's engine.